Is it Worth to Worry about a Fast Erection – Reasons and Solutions.

The term “fast erection” is used for quick uncontrolled sexual excitement in men. This very process may happen at any unpredictable situation and causes a sense of unease. The situation may grow worse when a fast erection is accompanied by premature ejaculation or a full lack of erectile function.

When it’s Time to Ring the Alarm?

Let’s start by saying that fast erection is not always thought to be a pathological process. When an erection is followed with ejaculation or when an erection lasts for a long time giving a man an option to have long-time coitus which is desirable for both sexual partners, there is no need to worry. In fact, this process doesn’t lead to any psychological or physiological disorders.

Unfortunately though, in most cases, a fast erection vanishes quickly or ends with a rapid erection, which is impossible to control. If such a situation is more like an exception to the ruler, there is no need to worry about it. It’s very likely that the main reasons are psycho emotional problems or overfatigue.

But if a fast erection takes a pathological character, the reasons may include anatomical anomalies, physiological disorders and psychological problems as well.

Anatomic Anomalies

First of all, fast erection may be the result of an abnormality of the male organ. If a person such kinds of pathologies, there is no need to wait for normal and steady erection. In this case, none of the methods used for ED treatment is absolutely useless, including special exercises, medications and natural methods. The only way out is to visit a doctor, who has to appoint one or another type of operative treatment.

Nowadays, surgical interventions are able to correct practically all kinds of penis abnormalities. However, there is a risk to damage nerve endings during the surgery. To have surgery or not, it is up to a patient to decide, but it should be remembered that it’s the only way to correct the anatomical abnormality.

Physiological Disorders

Physiological disorders are also among the possible key reasons for a fast erection. Some of them are common seeds of erectile dysfunction:

  • Hormonal imbalance. It’s usually connected with the insufficient production of testosterone in male organism. Such hormonal imbalance happens in the setting of diabetes, thyroid disorders, and adrenal disorders. Besides, it can be result of aging processes;
  • Pathological states of cardio-vascular system: hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.;
  • Genitourinary diseases. Any inflammations and infection of urethra, prostate gland and urinary bladder;
  • Damage to nerve endings innervating penis. It may be caused by spine problems, spinal cord traumas and cerebrovascular accident.

Of course, special physical exercises and specific medication intake are useful for potency boosting. But the educts will be subtle and unstable.

Psychological Problems

All psychological problems can be divided into 2 groups:
1. Situation-centered. This group includes psychoemotional problems, which don’t let a man to relax and to have even a desire for sex for a certain period of time. These may be a fear of sexual failure, inner turmoil about an unwanted pregnancy of a sexual partner, an unfavorable appearance of a partner, a risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease, etc.

2. Persistent effective disorders. In this case, fast erection can be the result of depressive syndrome, distress experience, chronic fatigue, psych-out, serious psychiatric disorder. Consultation by a specialist is highly necessary in the presence of such pathological states.

Ways to Make Erection Extended

Every man should understand that fast erection is a problem not only for himself but for his sexual partner as well. A good lover is able to sexually satisfy his partner and control the process of erection and ejaculation. For a full control over your body, it’s necessary to work on yourself and your body.

Specialists confirm that abiding by some rules helps to make erection longer:

  • Lead a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Keep a balanced diet;
  • Treat for illnesses timely;
  • Do exercises for muscle tone;
  • Set your positive mind on coitus;
  • Be self-confident;
  • Don’t give way to your hang-ups;
  • Don’t focus on your problems;
  • Don’t forget about a foreplay;
  • Enjoy the very process of coitus.