When should I take Sildenafil in case I am going to have sex this evening, is it possible for me to mix it with food and other various meals?
In case you are going to have sex in the evening it is possible for you to take Sildenafil in the morning or during lunch, but in order for this drug to work better on you, we advise you to take this pill in a couple of hours before presumably sexual intercourse. Talk to your doctor about the better amount of Sildenafil that will make you arouse in a couple of hours. Make sure that your arousal is not lasting for too long. When an erection is not disappearing for more than 4 hours run to your doctor this instant. Never mix this drug with food, especially junk food that is a totally overfilled with empty calories.

I cannot completely realize how Sildenafil works in my system, can you elaborate?
By all means, we can, every time when you are getting this particular sexual booster drug in your system you will see that your blood quickly goes to your penis. As a result, your erection will occur and due to the reason that your blood is going to stay there for quite some time, you will not have to be worry and overanxious about the fact that erection is going to disappear soon.

I can not trust Sildenafil how can I be totally sure that I am getting quality for sure?
We have only the pure and high-quality drugs, therefore, you can be totally certain that with our help you will get a quick erection and your health is not going to be harmed in any particular way.
Please remember that Sildenafil is only safe when you are not mixing it with anything, therefore, you will not have to take Sildenafil in case you have certain medical conditions with your heart.

I want to take 20 mg pill of Sildenafil, can I do that regarding the fact that my heart is not up to code and I had a couple of strokes a year ago?
Well, we cannot tell you for sure, only your personal doctor will be able to jump to conclusion and tell you precisely whether or not this drug can help you without causing any further health damaging at all.
Please remember that Sildenafil cannot be intake by those people who have awful heart conditions, liver damage, vision disorders and other unpleasant healthy issues at all.

My father was taking Sildenafil and it caused him serious headaches how can I be sure that I will not suffer the way he did?
As soon as you know that you are totally healthy there is no need for you to worry about headaches and chest pains at all. We want you to remember precisely that when you are taking Sildenafil carefully when you are not mixing this particular drug with others then you are going to have a great erection and your health will stay great and normal at all.

My doctor said that I have to take 20 mg sildenafil but I want to take more, I am actually worried about the fact that this dosage of drug will not work on me, what should I do?
Please remember that only your doctor can know a precise dosage of your drug, we want you to remember that as soon as you will manage to take this amount of the pills erection is going to happen for sure. DO not disobey your doctor; he totally knows your health and your medical history. Side effects can be severe when you are taking a bigger amount if sildenafil then your doctor told you to. Do not combine this drug with meals especially when it is too full of fats and sugar as it will not be good for you.